We are unearthing Pretoria’s Finest

This year, our mission to find the best business in Pretoria is being stepped up a notch.

We are going all out with our Best of Pretoria Readers’ Choice Awards where we ask you, our readers, to vote for the best business in your neck of the woods.

Once you vote for who you feel deserves the title, we splash their name across our newspaper titles that run the length and breadth of Pretoria.

With our area-specific newspaper, Pretoria Rekord, the nomination of your favourite business will see them thrust into the spotlight in over 100 000 homes. 

Vote or nominate for that business that stands out from the rest. It could be a butchery, a supermarket, a fresh market outlet, a hair salon or even a dog parlour – if it’s a business, if the management and staff are offering excellent service, then we want everyone to know – sharing is caring, and we care about business owners who go the extra mile.

Your vote also places you in the draw to win amazing prizes, so not only will you be shining the light on excellence, but you stand a chance of winning yourself.

Voting opens on 1st August 2023. REMEMBER, if nominating a new business to give us the full name of the company and/or area for a franchise or national business so we know which one it is eg: Hirsch’s Centurion and not just Hirsch’s.